AllBusiness – The Web Marketplace for Businesses


Finding leads has been always a pain in the neck, especially for B2B companies. To search for leads they use Linkedin, Email marketing, calls, and more. 

ArtLabs team developed a smart marketplace aiming to connect B2B companies with the new clients on the Ukrainian market. We designed, built, and integrated Machine Learning algorithms for the best user experience possible.

Smart Search with Recommendation AI

The web app has a built-in recommendation engine, that allows giving personalized recommendations to every user based on his/her previous search statistics.

Our recommendation engine works not only on the search page but also below each company profile, recommending similar vendors. This allows maximizing conversion and revenues.

Detailed company profile

We have designed and developed a comprehensive company profile, that can be easily shared with your clients. The company profile contains all the company data and is highly customizable.

We allow not only to change the basic company information, but also the layout of the profile, making each page a unique masterpiece, representing your business how you like it.

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