Today, with the development of Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms it is extremely important to make use of them in your apps. This ensures the best and most up-to-date user experience and gives your customers access to functions, that a few years ago weren’t possible.

ArtLabs team developed a set of algorithms & wrapped everything into iPhone & Android Apps to help tennis players track their progress during tennis matches. We used recent advancements in Computer Vision, such as the Mediapipe library from Google, to make calculations on the client-side as much as it was possible.

Match Tracking

Our app supports both live and prerecorded matches tracking. For that, we used the latest Computer Vision algorithms directly on the client-side to save costs as much as possible, yet paying attention to the performance of the app

During the game, we track the ball, players, and court. For the ball and players tracking we trained custom Machine Learning models and wrapped them into the Google Mediapipe library for the easiest calculation. The court detection algorithm is based on OpenCV and is embedded directly into the app as well.

Player Statistics

Our app is able to accurately track statistics for both players and save them for later use. Once you create a single player in the app, you are able to track his performance through all your games.

During the matches, we track various metrics as well as your selected goals. You can always stay on track with your performance and reach your goals quicker!

Match Statistics

Our app allows all users to track all their matches and set weekly and monthly goals. With the help of our goals this becomes much easier to progress even faster!

During the game, we track such metrics as shots in, average ball speed, first serves in, seconds serves in, and more! With the help of our app, you can feel as comfortable as real athletes during official tournaments!

And now we are glad to introduce ArtLabs Open-Source implementation for Tennis Match Tracking!

ArtLabs Open-Source implementation includes all the core technologies used in our Apps: Ball tracking, Player & Court tracking, Ball bounce detection. With the help of our Open-Source repository, you can experiment with all those features on your own. Enjoy!