Smart Workout. Android & IOS App.


Workout Apps have been popular for a long time, but because of the intense training, it is hard to always accurately count your repetitions and keep an eye on the quality of your movements. Moreover, workout statistic is always very incomplete, you can’t measure your progress precisely, thus you don’t know how fast are you growing as an athlete.

ArtLabs team worked hard to make a workout a much more interesting and better-tracked activity than before. With the recent advancements of Computer Vision algorithms we were able not only to track the repetitions of each move, but also asses the move quality!

Smart Workout Tracking

SmartWorkout is able to accurately count the number of repetitions for most of the moves integrated into the app. We can count the number of repetitions for squats, sit-ups, burpees, trusters, and all the rest of popular fitness and CrossFit activities. To address this problem we use Pose Estimation algorithms already built into Google Mediapipe framework, that is supported on both iPhone and Android devices.

Another part of our smart tracking allows giving useful advice to athletes during their workout. Junior and Intermediate athletes sometimes do not track their activities and can perform the exercises in the wrong way. This can lead to injuries and pauses in training. To address this problem we recorded correct movements for each of the exercises we track and applied the Pose Estimation algorithm. Now during the workout we compare the performance between the target and current movements and send suggestions to the athlete!

Detailed Workout Statistics

Our App can track much more metrics than a usual workout app can do. We track not only workout length, number of workouts per week and heart rate but much more!

With the help of our Machine Learning system, we track the quality of repetitions, time per repetition, number of pauses you make during the workout. After the workout using all this information, we assess your lifetime progress, this helps to focus on your goals and address them much more precisely.

Diverse Variety of Workouts

We have a wide variety of workouts prerecorded and available in the app. We support not only fitness workouts but also Yoga, Stretching, and other types of activities.

Our app strives to help beginners to make their workout routine as interesting as possible, thus we offer introductory courses with a high level of the user moves assessment to prevent injuries.

Configurable User Profile

Smart Workout users have access to all their personal data in their profiles. They can customize their Workout heavily by increasing/decreasing the use of AI algorithms during workout.

The App also contains the referral system, that allows users to invite their friends and perform multiperson workouts, that increase user engagement even more!

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