Style transfer from image to image can become an extremely tedious task, especially when it comes to style transfer from the whole movie. With the recent advancements of Deep Learning and Computer Vision algorithms, it became possible to extract and apply style from image to image very quickly. Yet, extraction of the style file itself wasn’t possible a few years ago.

Following the latest trends, ArtLabs team developed Windows & MAC software for live image style extraction from any picture/movie with the help of the latest Machine Learning technologies!

Style Extraction Algorithm

Our algorithm was developed using the Pytorch framework and essentially is an autoencoder network that learns a 3D representation of a style, also known as a LUT file.

Our algorithm was trained on thousands of (image, LUT) pairs and is able to extract meaningfully LUTs practically from any image. Moreover, our algorithm is able not only to extract the LUT but also immediately apply it to any given image.

Interface and Features

Our software has a simple interface with reach functionality. Not only can you extract and apply styles to images, but you can also change your target image exposure, contrast, styles, main colors and more!

Once your style transfer is finished you can continue working with the styles in any photo editor you prefer or share the image directly from the app with your community!

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