Finance tracking app


Today, with the development of Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms it is extremely important to make use of them in your apps. This ensures the best and most up-to-date user experience and gives your customers access to functions, that a few years ago weren’t possible.

ArtLabs team developed a set of algorithms & wrapped everything into iPhone App to help users track their spendings with more convenience.  We used recent advancements in Computer Vision and OCR to automatically add spendings from your bank account feed!

Smart Finance Tracking

Most wallet apps nowadays allow you to track your spending only in manual mode, meaning you can add transactions from your bank feed one by one. Some of the apps allow you to import transactions directly from the bank API, but the feature is not available in all countries.

Our team developed an AI algorithm that allows you to import transactions from the video of you scrolling the banking feed! Record the video of you scrolling the feed -> import those transactions directly to the app, easy!

Awesome UI/UX optimization

We developed an easy-to-use interface that helps you to spend the least amount of time possible adding your transactions to the app. At the same  time, the web interface gives a very detailed information about all your spendings in just a few clicks!

With the help of our app, you may not only track your past spending, but also get more insights of what will your spendings look like in the next week/month/year!

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